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Bill Odell guides leaders and teams to develop real marketing strategy, practical know-how and flawless execution that drives top line growth and achieves successful outcomes.  His passion for helping growth-oriented companies develop and implement breakthrough marketing strategies delivers measurable results that speak for themselves.    

As a marketing executive for multiple category-creating B2B technology companies, Bill has spent over 20 years in the trenches launching new products, building businesses and leading high performance marketing organizations.  Bill has led marketing teams from 2 to 50-plus professionals at both pre-revenue startups and in global companies with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Company Experience

What People Are Saying

"Bill is a roll up the sleeves leader which in my mind, is the very best kind. He can "do" and he can "direct". He is articulate in what he says, and prolific in what he creates. He can handle the toughest of board meetings, and then walk straight into a company all hands and motivate the troops with total energy."

Patrick Sweeney

SVP Product & Marketing Sonicwall

"Bill's energy and focus helped drive a successful go to market strategy across all major routes to market and across all global regions. He re-aligned the marketing team and he re-positioned the business resulting in increased awareness with the media and key analysts. Bill's leadership in launching new products resulted in some of the fastest adoption of new releases in the company's history."

Dave Kloba

General Manager


"Bill is the best VP of Marketing I have had the pleasure of working alongside. He understands intimately the balance between sales and marketing and as such we were able to craft a go-to-market strategy that allowed the company to accelerate its growth."

Bill Lohr

VP Sales


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