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Company Impact

Below is a sample of companies Bill has helped with their strategic growth initiatives:

SonicWall is a global provider of network security solutions. The company's award-winning real-time breach detection and prevention solutions have secured more than a million business and mobile networks and their emails, applications and data for over 25 years.

While leading global marketing at Sonicwall, Bill drove the successful re-launch of the company and brand following the spin-out from Dell Software and acquisition by a private equity investor.  In the first 6 months following the company's re-launch, Bill's efforts generated over $250M in net new pipeline and an improvement from negative to double-digit year-over-year revenue growth.

Impact Highlights

  • $250M in net new pipeline in 120 days

  • Zero to double-digit growth in 6 months

  • Double digit channel pipeline growth in one year

  • 4x growth in new customer acquisition in one year

  • 300% increase in ACV in one year

  • One IPO

  • 3 Acquisitions

Dell KACE is a provider of endpoint security and system management solutions deployed by small, mid-size and large enterprises worldwide. KACE solutions provide growing organizations around the globe with comprehensive endpoint security and management of network-connected devices, including servers, PCs, Macs, Chromebooks™, tablets, printers, storage, networking gear and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

While leading global marketing at KACE after its acquisition by Dell Software, Bill drove two of the most successful new product launches in the company's history and developed a new messaging platform to clearly differentiate the company's solutions from major competitors.  Bill drove a new go-to-market strategy for the company that resulted in a 22% increase in pipeline and a 17% increase in close rate.

Helpstream delivered a SaaS-based social CRM solution that enabled companies to dramatically reduce time-to-resolution and improve customer satisfaction metrics. The company's innovative crowdsourced model was tightly integrated into leading CRM solutions from and Oracle.

While leading marketing at Helpstream after the company re-oriented its solution from internal IT Helpdesk to external Customer Service, Bill re-launched the company, secured the support of key industry influencers and drove a new go-to-market strategy resulting in 4x growth in new customer acquisition, a 300% increase in average contract value and 100% growth in overall pipeline.

Interlace Systems delivered an integrated business planning and analytics solution designed to help large enterprises analyze the impact of very complex changes to operational plans.  The company's innovative analytics platform was tightly integrated into software infrastructure solutions from SAP, Oracle and IBM.

While leading marketing and business development for Interlace, Bill drove the launch of the pre-revenue company, developed the company's messaging and positioning, secured coverage from top tier industry analysts, developed partnerships with key systems integrators and drove a go-to-market strategy that culminated in the company's acquisiton by Oracle.

Latitude Communications delivered the industry's first Unified Communications solution.  The company’s innovative MeetingPlace voice, web and video collaboration solution was adopted by over 1.5 million users worldwide. 

While leading marketing and sales at Latitude, Bill developed and implemented multiple messaging strategies, field enablement programs, PR/AR programs, drove the successful sales launch of the company's first SaaS solution, and executed an installed base sales program that resulted in over 70% recurring revenue for the business.  Bill was an integral part of the company's highly successful IPO and subsequent acquisition by Cisco.

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